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Pub. Date: December 2010
Format: Paperback , 320pp
ISBN-13: 9781439190333


Sovereign Power. Eternal Pleasure.

Revealed at last in this new vampire saga for the ages: the true, untold story of the “Virgin Queen” and her secret war against the Vampire King of England. . . .

On the eve of her coronation, Elizabeth Tudor is summoned to the tomb of her mother, Anne Boleyn, to learn the truth about her bloodline—and her destiny as a Slayer. Born to battle the bloodsucking fiends who ravage the night, and sworn to defend her beloved realm against all enemies, Elizabeth soon finds herself stalked by the most dangerous and seductive vampire of all.

He is Mordred, bastard son of King Arthur, who sold his soul to destroy his father. After centuries in hiding, he has arisen determined to claim the young Elizabeth as his Queen. Luring her into his world of eternal night, Mordred tempts Elizabeth with the promise of everlasting youth and beauty, and vows to protect her from all enemies. Together, they will rule over a golden age for vampires in which humans will exist only to be fed upon. Horrified by his intentions, Elizabeth embraces her powers as a Slayer even as she realizes that the greatest danger comes from her own secret desire to yield to Mordred . . . to bare her throat in ecstasy and allow the vampire king to drink deeply of her royal blood.

As told by Lucy Weston, the vampire prey immortalized in Bram Stoker’s Dracula, this spellbinding account will capture your heart and soul—forever.

My Review

This was a really good book.  I read it over a few days and enjoyed it, though I wish there was more to it.  The ending just broke off abruptly, leaving me wanting more.  The author does have a website set up at www.lucywestonvampire.com/lucyweston/, as well as pages on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. 

Elizabeth's story is intertwined with Mordred's, the bastard son of Arthur who made a pact and became a vampire, slaying his own father to gain control of the throne.  His lover, Morgaine, stood against him but was unable to completely defeat him.  Elizabeth is a descendant of Morgaine, the slayer promised to come to defeat Mordred.

This is said to be the first in a sumptuous new series, so I look forward to reading more.